We are an association of medical regulatory authorities in Africa

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  • AMCOA Scientific Conference 2017, South Africa

    Theme :  “Technology & Medical Regulation in the 21st Century”AMCOA MAP

    Venue: 21st – 25th August 2017 at the Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, Cape Town

    AMCOA Scientific Conference 2017, South Africa
  • Health Workforce Migration Protocol Implementation,Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa,Mombasa-Kenya between 27th – 28th October 2016.

    Health Workforce Migration Protocol Implementation

Welcome to AMCOA


The Association of Medical Councils of Africa (AMCOA) is an Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities in Africa.

The primary purpose of the association is to support medical regulatory authorities in Africa in the protection of the public interest by promoting high standards of medical education, registration and regulation, and facilitating the ongoing exchange of information among medical regulatory authorities.

The association further exists to provide guidance to healthcare professional registered by member states with a view to ensure the provision of quality healthcare by the way of guidelines on various aspect of healthcare delivery such as setting standards for education and training, ethics guidelines , encouraging Continuous Professional Development (CPD) among others.