Who we are

The primary purpose of Association of Medical Councils of Africa [AMCOA] is to support medical regulatory authorities in Africa in the protection of the public interest by promoting high standards of medical education, registration and regulation, and facilitating the ongoing exchange of information among medical regulatory authorities.

AMCOA exists with the purpose of pursuing the following main objects and purposes –

  • to offer a forum for member bodies to liaise with each other in regard to the standards for registration of medical practitioners and, where applicable, other healthcare personnel;
  • to promote liaison among member bodies in regard to the standards of education and training of health professionals registered with the respective medical councils;
  • to offer a forum for member bodies to share views on relevant legislation relating to the control of healthcare professionals;
  • to promote the adoption of shared and common views through communication with and recommendation to member bodies;
  • to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among regulatory authorities, including establishing a network for the regular exchange of medical licensing and disciplinary information;
  • to provide a forum for the development and sharing of new concepts and new approaches in the regulation of medical practice;
  • to encourage and support research, policy analysis and policy development related to medical licensure and regulation;
  • to serve as an information source to medical regulatory authorities, the public and national organizations; and
  • to share views and exchange information on matters of common concern
Our Vision
To be globally recognised as the leading organisation for regulatory bodies in protecting the public and guiding health professions in Africa
Our Mission

To create an environment for best practice by health professions regulatory bodies in partnership with member councils and engagement of other stakeholders through:

  • harmonisation of standards for medical education, training, practice and fostering compliance thereof;

  • promotion of professional and ethical practices; and

  • information exchange¬†

Strategic Areas
  • recognition of the association by all regulatory authorities in the Continent;

  • to encourage regulatory authorities in Africa to become members of AMCOA;

  • implementation by existing members of AMCOA of the protocols that are already in place to ensure harmonization of standards;

  • securing funding for specific projects

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Who we are

We are an association of medical regulatory authorities in Africa

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