Membership, Communication, Promotion and Marketing Committee (MCPMC) is established to promote and market AMCOA through the dissemination of appropriate information to the various defined audiences (stakeholders) using effective communication strategies.

Membership, Communication, Promotion and Marketing Committee shall be composed as follows:-

  1. Three (3) members, to be elected by the Annual General Meeting, one of which shall be a member of the Management Committee(MANCO) of AMCOA;
  2. The Chairperson, elected by the Committee from amongst its members;
  3. Co-opted from member Councils; and
  4. Co-opted persons with specific skills.
  1. To develop an effective and efficient communication, promotion and marketing strategy for AMCOA
  2. To develop and implement policies as follows:-
    • Communication and public relations policy
    • Marketing policy
    • Promotion Policy
    • Stakeholders management Policy
  3. To identify policy implementation strategies
    • Undertake user needs assessment
    • develop strategy
    • Disseminate the communication strategy policy
    • Monitor and evaluate its use
  4. To develop a work plan
  5. The implementation framework

Membership, Communication, Promotion and Marketing Committee shall hold office for the duration of the term of office of the management Committee.

Vacancies which may occur in the Committee shall be filed by the Management Committee. The replacing member shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the Committee’s term of office

  1. the Committee shall meet two(2) times a year, in February at the Annual Conference of each year
  2. make provisions for special meeting in the event of urgent matters after consultation with MANCO.
  • Prof. J Okullo (Uganda)
  • K Lekau-Tacheba (Botswana) (MANCO)
  • LA Malotana (South Africa)
    iii. Ms. J Mwakwatuya (Zimbabwe)
  • MK Cham (The Gambia)
  • Simon Njagi (Kenya)
  • Tonny Lugalia